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Microsoft Releases Bing for the iPad



This certainly doesn’t have anywhere near the shock value that came when Microsoft released a Bing App for the iPhone but, hey, here comes one for the iPad. Regardless of how you feel about search wars or platform wars or whatever wars, this only makes common sense to me, but to others I’m sure its a bigger deal. I know having an App signifies a number of things, but heck if you’re a Bing fan you could already use it as your search engine on the iPad through a browser anyway.

But that’s another story. Bing for the iPad has been released. It’s pretty. It lets you search for stuff and gives you easy access to trends, news, top searches, maps and more. Intriguingly at the moment the location services functions are not working for me but I might have a switch flipped that is preventing that.

So, if you’re a Bing fan or don’t care for Google or any of the others and have an iPad, it might be worth checking out.



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