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Microsoft Releases Daylight Savings Time Update



You probably know that with the change of laws in the US, Mexico, and Canada affecting Daylight Savings Time that existing software on your mobile device that tracks such things needs to be updated. Well, Microsoft has released an update to bring your mobile devices into compliance with the new daylgiht savings time dates so the springing forward and falling back will happen automatically.

Here’s the link to the page for the download (there are two ways to do this for mobile device users-download directly to your mobile device or download to your PC) and there are mutliple steps involved so make sure you follow the directions as outlined. Note that there are three components to the process: a Windows XP component, an Outlook component, and a Windows Mobile component.

If you are running Vista or Outlook 2007, this update has apparently already been rolled in.

Hat tip to jkOnTheRun



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