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Microsoft Releases Open Source SDK for Multi-Touch: Touchless



Touchless is multi-touch software that uses webcams and everyday objects for multi-touch input developed by Microsoft Office Labs.  It is similar to Microsoft’s Touchwall technology. Microsoft is releasing an open-source SDK for Touchless that makes it possible for developers to create software that can turn hand gestures or objects  into an input device similar to a mouse. Supposedly any old object will do. As this TechCrunch article states you can use toys, pens, M&M’s, and Touchless will track their movement through space using ““color markers.”

Of note here also, is that former OneNote Wonder, Chris Pratley is involved with this.

You can download a demo and run it yourself or the full SDK. You need a webcam to give it a go. There are four demos included in the download, including:

1. Snake – control a snake with a marker.
2. Defender — pong-like game with up to 4 players. 
3. Map – rotate, zoom, and move a map using 2 markers.
4. Draw — bet you can figure out what this one does.

Here’s shot of me using a bottle cap as a marker. I’m lousy at this.


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