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Microsoft Releasing New Origami Specs For Vista

WinHEC certainly appears to be the place to be for UMPC news this week. It has been a steady stream of annoucements and such all week. Now comes news of Origami 2.0 specs:

CRN’s Paul Rooney is reporting on a converesation he had with Microsoft’s Vikram Madan:

The second set of possible UMPC specifications under consideration calls for ultra-thin PCs that weigh less than 1.5 pounds, incorporate 5-inch or 7-inch displays .and are housed in an 18- to 20-mm footprint, executives said.  Potential features of the next-generation Origami design at the drawing board include an integrated QWERTY keyboard, a touch screen fully integrated into the LCD, at least 1 GB of memory, and battery life of between three and four hours.

Check out CRN.com more information

SeattlePI.com’s Todd Bishop has a good article on WinHEC and Origami. He includes this quote from Origami Experience lead program manager, Jeremy White, on the messaging and marketing of Origami:

“We’re learning, too. This is a new platform for us. So we do something, we take feedback and we learn. I can’t say next week we’re going to have a $50 million campaign,” he said. “It’s definitely something that’s under discussion: How do we do a better job of messaging? We’ve been quite frank about saying that we probably haven’t done as good a job as we could have.”

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