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Microsoft Research’s Multitouch Mice Concepts on Video



Orb_MouseMicrosoft Research is working on at least five multitouch mice. The Orb, Arty, Side Mouse, FTIR and Cap Mouse are each unique, implementing various tracking technologies, ergonomics and functionality.  I’m hoping more than one of these make it out of the lab and into the accessories market.

Why is Microsoft working on so many mice? They’re trying to tailor mice to different use cases. For example, the Orb looks like an excellent way to play video games and control virtual worlds. This particular mouse tracks all five of your fingers plus your palm.  The Arty Mouse loooks like it would be an excellent choice for artists and designers because it will allow for finer motor movements.

Perhaps the most innovative moouse is the Side Mouse, which turns your desk into a multitouch surface. Head over to MIT’s Technology Review for a full video demo of the mice.

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