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Microsoft Reveals Blue Xbox 360 Call of Duty Bundle



Microsoft is showing the Xbox 360, its last-generation gaming console, a little attention just in time for the holiday season. This morning Microsoft revealed its new lineup of holiday consoles including a blue Xbox 360 bundled with the two previous editions of Call of Duty.

Microsoft revealed new Xbox 360 bundles for the holiday season this morning on its Xbox Wire news blog, and all told, shoppers buying an Xbox 360 stand to save a nice amount on almost everything they need starting next week.

blue xbox 360

The most exciting of the new bundles is the Blue Xbox 360 Call of Duty bundle itself. Microsoft says that the new Blue Xbox 360 will be sold with copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts & Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for $249.99. That’s a pretty decent deal since users who purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox 360 can expect to pay $39.99 brand new at GameStop. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 would cost the same amount if purchased separately. To help users save even more Microsoft is throwing in a month of Xbox Live so that users can play online with their friends. Xbox Live normally costs an extra $10 a month or $60 for the entire year. Shoppers who pick up the Blue Xbox 360 Call of Duty Bundle stand to save roughly $90.

Even the hard drive users are getting in the console is a good deal, Microsoft has upgraded the console to a 500GB hard drive. The console that users get inside the Blue Xbox 360 Call of Duty bundle is based on the Xbox 360e design that Microsoft revealed last year. It sports a HDMI port and wireless internet access so that buyers can use it anywhere there is a display. A matching wireless controller is also included.

If there’s one trick in any of this it’s that the Blue Xbox 360 Call of Duty Bundle will be an exclusive to Walmart’s retail locations in the United States. Shoppers at other stores will be able to pick up an Xbox 360 Call of Duty bundle for the same price as this new blue Xbox 360, but those versions will come only in solid black.

The titles bundled with the Xbox 360 Call of Duty bundles might be great for hardcore gamers, but they may not be easy to play for users who have more casual tastes. For that, Microsoft is sending a refreshed Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle into the holiday shopping fray. It’ll also be available at stores next week. Motion-oriented Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports will come in the box. So too will Forza Horizon, a game that uses Kinect to make users’ playing experience more immersive with voice commands and more. This Xbox 360 + Kinect bundle will be available for $250 exclusively at Target’s retail stores and website. It’ll only come with 4GB of storage so buyers considering taking the plunge might want to account for a USB flash drive with their purchase too.

Microsoft has sold the Xbox One since last November. Since then it’s been mostly quiet about the Xbox 360. Despite that, the console seems to remain a best seller. As such, it’s smart for Microsoft to refresh it for the holidays to get more Xbox consoles into more homes. The Xbox One maybe more powerful than the Xbox 360, but it’s that last console that has more games. It doesn’t hurt that Microsoft can price the Xbox 360 far lower than it could the Xbox One. Take these bundles for example, the Xbox 360 costs $249.99 for one controller, no Kinect sensor and some two free games. The Xbox One starts at $399 from the Microsoft Store and only includes one free game and a wireless controller.


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