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Microsoft Reveals Why Xbox Elite Controller Stock is Low



Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One console are still having a very difficult time picking up an Xbox Elite Controller, even though the holiday shopping season is nearly at its end. In an interview out last week company executives revealed why Xbox Elite Controller stock is astonishingly low months after it first became available.

Microsoft’s Chris Capossela discussed the Xbox Elite Controller in some detail in an interview late last week. It revealed the Xbox Elite Controller at its Electronics Entertainment Expo briefing back in June. The company basically rebuilt its standard Xbox One Wireless controller, adding in solid build materials, changeable thumb stick surfaces and a switch that allows users switch between multiple controller profiles. The Xbox Elite Controller is also compatible with PCs running its Windows 10 operating system too. It costs $149.99 on its own or $499 with an Elite Xbox One Console.

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Compared to the free controller that comes with every other Xbox One bundle and the $59.99 standalone price of a basic Xbox One Wireless Controller, the Xbox Elite Controller is expensive. Microsoft says that this is why Xbox Elite Controller stock is hard to come by.

Capossela says that the controller is hard to find because Microsoft didn’t think it’d be that popular on last week’s episode of the Windows Weekly podcast. “Here’s the product we totally underestimated,” he tells program hosts. The firm believed feedback that it received at E3 indicating that the Xbox Elite Controller wouldn’t sell widely because the company priced it so high. Capossela says that the firm is working to get Xbox Elite Controller stock to a normal level. How long that’ll take remains completely unclear.

Xbox Elite Controller stock at Amazon was completely decimated by the holiday shopping season. The site shows the controller completely out of stock. Shoppers are invited to add the controller to their cart, but Amazon is forecasting a potential arrival date.

Retailer Best Buy shows that the Xbox Elite Controller is out of stock online and its stores. Users that are comfortable with purchasing a previously owned Xbox Elite Controller can place an order from Best Buy for $119.99.

The Microsoft Store doesn’t have any news to share about Xbox Elite Controller stock at all. The site shows that the controller is out of stock and provides no potential arrival date. Theoretically, Microsoft should have more Xbox Elite Controller stock available after the holidays. If it stays true to its usual pattern, Amazon will begin filling orders already placed there in the order they were received when more stock from Microsoft arrives.

The Xbox Elite Controller is priced as a luxury item because it really is a luxury item. Novice gamers don’t need to invest $150 in a new controller to get the best from their games. The Xbox Elite Controller is made for people that are serious about gaming as a hobby and a professional. It has interchangeable directional pad surfaces to give players granular control over their character’s movement. One of these is a typical directional pad. The second of these is a concave dish. Three different size thumb sticks are included with the Xbox Elite Controller too. They’re all metal, with hard rubberized surfaces. Four paddles can be attached to the Xbox Elite Controller without tools.

Apps on the Xbox One and Windows 10 are what allow players to create custom controller profiles for their games and load them directly to the controller without third-party tools and extras. Since it first launched, Microsoft has added support for Windows 7 to the Elite Controller.

Also included in the package is a carry case for all these items and a USB cable for playing games where wireless connectivity puts professional players at a serious disadvantage.



  1. Rorison Meadows (@rorytmeadows)

    12/29/2015 at 9:22 am

    I love Microsoft, but this is a bunch of BS. You didn’t anticipate the demand, yet were replacing broken controllers at record pace, enough to cut the warranty of them. I need a new controller every 6 months due to your decision to cheapen your product line, and then to try and make me buy a tougher one at $150? F off.

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