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Microsoft Sells 1 Million Kinect Sensors in 10 Days, Can Still Hit Home Runs



Microsoft announced that it has sold more than one million Kinect sensors in the 10 days since it launched Kinect, a motion sensor for its popular gaming console. That’s a resounding success by any measure, especially considering the fact that the XBOX market is pretty darn saturated and the stand alone version of the controller costs $150. Microsoft is reportedly throwing down $500 million in marketing dollars to push the Kinect and XBOX 360 bundles that include the device.

It wasn’t that long ago that Microsoft had nothing to do with the gaming console market at all. More recently the NIntendo Wii and its simplistic approach were crowned as the console of the future. But these early sales numbers show that the XBOX still has a lot of legs and there are millions of eager fans willing to dish out cash for Microsoft products. Microsoft projects that it will sell five million copies o the Kinect before the end of the year.

A lot of folks think of Microsoft as a dinosaur, but that’s hardly the case. The company pours a ton of money into research and development, and once in a while emerges with a gem of a consumer product like the Kinect. Coupled with 9-digit marketing budgets, Microsoft is more than capable of hitting home runs out of the park. We’re seeing Microsoft come up to bat in the mobile phone arena again, but sales of WIndows Phone 7 have been mediocre at best. It’s much too early to count Microsoft as an also-ran in the mobile phone market and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if the company surprises us all over the next few months with Windows Phone 7.



  1. WellThen

    11/16/2010 at 5:47 pm

    Got the Kinect over the weekend – it’s great. We had planned to buy a Wii, but tried this instead. Had a party on Saturday with Friends – had a great time with the bundled games. Since I play Table Tennis in a league, picked up Kinect Sports on Sunday. I was amazed with how well it tracked my movements.

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