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Microsoft Shows What A Tablet PC Of The Future Can Do



I’m still trying to wipe the puddle of drool off my keyboard after seeing this demonstration from Microsoft’s Jonathan Cluts. The interactive 3-D Gray’s Anatomy with various systems of interest a touch away is truly amazing. Speaking of touch, Microsoft seems to have fully implemented its capabilities during this demonstration. Not once was an active digitizer used and the accuracy of touching the screen with a fingertip is truly amazing. I wish this technology is out now! Or at least have it coming soon, please Microsoft?

The true capabilities of tablet computing, especially in an academic setting, is very well illustrated in this video. There are also brief screenshots of a future version of OneNote where Onenote is seamlessly integrated into the tablet experience as well as a timeline-like utility that allows you to quickly recall information from years ago. The most fascinating part of the video is towards the end where Jonathan Cluts reveals the future of tablet PCs resides in both cloud and client-based software. The two conjunctively working together enables what is shown in the video. I just can’t wait to see more on this!

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