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Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial Airs in Boring Game



Not taking anything away from the Seattle Seahawks crushing rout of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 2014, for those without a favorite team in the year’s biggest game it was a lackluster spectacle that lacked any semblance of competition. Even most of the commercials this year were uninspiring to my eye and couldn’t compete with those from years past.  But that’s subjective.  I’m sure the folks at Microsoft, based just outside of Seattle, are celebrating the victory tonight. Rumors of an Apple commercial proved unfounded, but Microsoft did air its first Super Bowl commercial in the second half. I wonder how many viewers had already switched the channel before it aired though.


Regardless, the Microsoft Super Bowl commercial as we spoke about in this post is all about how Microsoft software can empower individuals and points viewers to a more videos about some of the stories featured briefly in the heavily edited ad. On the one hand it is really good to see Microsoft talking about how some of its software innovations can help those who might need help. On the other, one has to ask, Microsoft what took you so long? Regardless the stories are indeed inspiring and deserve the attention they hopefully will get given the high cost of running a Super Bowl commercial.

If you’d like to see more of the stories hinted at in the commercial you can go to Microsoft’s Empower Us All site that contains the video stories for you to browse. It’s worth a moment if you have the time.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Victor Bergonzoli

    02/03/2014 at 5:02 am

    Dartfish is the company behind the software used in the “Making Strides” commercial. We are very proud of this story and powerful message on helping people. Our professional software rely on windows OS and its powerful tool set & distribution.

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