Microsoft Surface Book Pre-Orders Dry Up
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Microsoft Surface Book Pre-Orders Dry Up



The Microsoft Store has what seems like very bad news for anyone who held off on placing a Microsoft Surface Book pre-order until just before its release. With around two weeks left until Surface Book release day arrives, the new Windows 2-in-1 is completely sold out on Microsoft’s own website.

Word of Microsoft Surface Book pre-orders selling out spread late yesterday after Microsoft began asking users to submit their email address if they’d like to be notified when the device is available again. The Microsoft Surface Book was revealed last week a little more than a week ago at the company’s Windows 10 devices event. The Surface Book looks like and performs like a high-end PC thanks to its graphics processor and magnesium base. The base has an unorthodox hinge that connects the tablet itself with the notebook-like dock.

Surface Book Pre-Orders

At least for now, Microsoft Surface Book pre-orders are completely unavailable at Microsoft’s Store. The company doesn’t have a single one of the different configurations it’s promised for release day available. That’s interesting as there are five different configurations for users to purchase. There’s the entry-level Intel Core i5 model with 8GB of Ram and 128GB of storage for $1,499. There’s also the 256GB Intel Core i5 model with 8GB of RAM for $1,699. Getting a model with a discrete graphics processor for better gaming and programs that require more power starts at $1,899.

Potential Microsoft Surface Book buyers point to a green “Email Me When Available” button as proof that the Surface Book is now sold out, but that doesn’t exactly make sense.

First, all models of the device sold out at around the same time, hinting at there being a supply issue behind the scenes instead of a complete sellout. It’s also worth noting that at the top of each models page above their price is a line reminding users that the device “ships on October 26th.” If Microsoft was truly out of Surface Books until release day it’d seem logical to change that to a later date. For example, some configurations of the Surface Pro 4 – the other device Microsoft announced at that Windows 10 devices event – shows a shipping date in November. Amazon is still taking processing Microsoft Surface Book pre-orders on its site.

For its part, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed how low stock for the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, something that the company has noted for previous devices. If Surface Book pre-orders were sold out, it seems logical that Microsoft would communicate that to shoppers on its devices blog Certainly, the Surface Book is the most exciting product Microsoft announced.

The Surface Book is the first new Surface line to launch since Microsoft announced it was making its own hardware back in 2012. The Surface has always been geared at users looking to eliminate their tablet and low-end notebook PC. The Surface Pro is for those who need an ultra-portable notebook that can double as a tablet. The Surface Book is first a high-performance notebook.

It features a 13.5-inch display, the biggest we’ve seen in the Surface line yet. The tablet itself doesn’t have a kickstand like other Surfaces. Instead, users dock it to a notebook like shell that has a spacious trackpad, a chicklet style keyboard, extra batteries and USB ports. The strange-looking dynamic fulcrum hinge allows Microsoft Surface Book users to change the angle of the display and interact with touch without tipping the entire device over. Microsoft includes a refreshed Surface Pen with Cortana integration too.

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For now, the only thing that potential Surface Book buyers can do is way until Microsoft allows Surface Book pre-orders again. The Surface Pro 4 is still available for users to pre-order ahead of its October 26th release date too.



  1. Troy Kadikoff

    10/14/2015 at 10:29 am

    worst headline ever as the orders did not dry up, supply did…

  2. Lemuel Nolasco

    10/14/2015 at 10:54 pm

    Surface Book back in stock at the Microsoft Store for pre-orders with longer waiting period, delivery services are those went short.

  3. crozunoChris

    10/20/2015 at 8:45 am

    Agree with Troy – did an editor even review this? The connotation is completely backwards.

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