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Microsoft Surface Getting Demoed at HiMSS09



The healthcare industry is getting a lot of focus these days and Microsoft Surface is right in the mix of it. For our readers interested in healthcare and multi-touch, you might want to checkout Surface at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society HiMSS09   conference where a multitude of applications geared around enhancing the patient experience and improving operations are being demoed beginning Saturday, April 4. I’m particularly interested in the neurological application being developed at Cook Children’s Healthcare System and can’t wait to learn more about that.

HiMSS09 is being held at the McCormick Place in Chicago April 4 – 8, 2009.

Press release after the break:

At HiMSS09, the annual conference and exhibition for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Microsoft Corp. will showcase in its booth (No. 1232) new solutions designed specifically for healthcare providers, caregivers and patients, as well as partner and customer success stories:

Microsoft Surface for healthcare demonstrations. Microsoft and its industry partners will demonstrate four healthcare scenarios built on the interactive, multi-touch Microsoft Surface platform to improve communications between providers, physicians and patients and add to overall patient experience. These include the following:

o     Doctor patient consultation. Infusion Development created a Microsoft Surface application for Texas Health Resources to enhance physician patient interaction. This application displays and allows doctors and patients to share medical information such as cardiac images, dynamic charts, clinical documents and integrated records from Microsoft HealthVault.

o     Pediatric neurological rehabilitation. Vectorform LLC, in cooperation with Cook Children’s Health Care System, has created a suite of applications to assist with motor control and learning for neurological rehab. These applications are designed to exercise and evaluate a patient’s motor control. Each application was designed to allow the clinician to manipulate test conditions and tailor the therapy to address the unique needs of each patient.

o     Virtual clinic and doctor consultation. Allscripts and Springfield Clinic developed applications on Microsoft Surface that provide an interactive overview of the clinic or hospital when the patient arrives, and a personalized interactive care plan resulting from the physicians documentation in the electronic health record for the patient to review before the patient leaves. These solutions are designed to work with Allscripts electronic health records solutions in outpatient settings and clinics.

o     Clinical collaboration to manage patient flow. MEDHOST Inc. has developed a hands-on solution that provides real-time information to caregivers and decision-makers to manage the most acute situations, from disaster to staffing to patient flow. MEDHOST’s application allows hospital administrators and clinicians to view information at a glance and necessary details when required to make split-second decisions.

·                 Microsoft Amalga. Microsoft will showcase the Amalga unified intelligence system (UIS) and Microsoft Amalga Hospital Information System (HIS) with specific scenarios designed to free health data assets to drive discovery, change and innovation. Seven scenarios will be on display at the booth: hospital quality measures module; hospital acquired conditions (HAC) demo; financial process automation; operations; health information exchange and referral physician; research; and imaging.

·                 Microsoft HealthVault. Visitors to the booth will see new uses for Microsoft HealthVault, including managing records before and after hospital visits, managing chronic care at home, and emergency/urgent care preparedness.

·                 Microsoft joins Interoperability Showcase. Microsoft will demonstrate the value of electronic health record interoperability and present its Cross Enterprise Document Sharing healthcare IT solution at the HiMSS09 Interoperability Showcase at the booth. Designed as an HIMSS health information exchange (HIE)-based environment, the showcase includes clinical scenarios enabled by the standards-based Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) framework and Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) federally recognized interoperability specifications. The Microsoft healthcare IT solution is available for download from the Microsoft open source site at

·                 Microsoft Connected Health Platform. With support from leading industry partners, Microsoft will demonstrate its strategy for building interoperable e-health solutions for the wider healthcare domain along with new tools, guidance and solution accelerators to help customers build, deploy and optimize health solutions across the complete health ecosystem.

·                 Microsoft HUG awards ceremony. Microsoft and the Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (Microsoft HUG) will host a ceremony to announce the winners of the 12th annual Microsoft HUG 2009 Innovation Awards on April 6 at 12:30 p.m. CDT. The awards recognize healthcare organizations, individuals, software vendors and system integrators that exhibit the best use of Microsoft-based products.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Barbara duck

    04/04/2009 at 2:29 pm

    I have tw videos with Surface being used in Healthcare. I made one post and I don’t know if it went through or not, but these might be of interest in how Healthcare is using Surface.

    I also had the opportunity to do some protein folding on a Surface unit as well as relates to personalized medicine and the race for curing diseases.

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