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Microsoft Surface in the Home: Try 2011



Msft-surface2The last we heard Microsoft was saying that they were aiming to get their Surface technology into the consumer market as soon as possible. Now we perhaps have a better definition of ASAP (although I’m sure it is really to early to tell.) CNN Money/Fortune says that Microsoft is aiming to put a consumer version of Microsoft Surface in homes in 2011.

While I’d have to get a new and larger home to put one of these in, I’d still love Microsoft to think a bit beyond the big business approach they are taking with the initial push and donate one of these babies to our small not-for-profit theatre for our lobby. We’d be a terrific test case on a smaller level of how this could work. (Sorry for the subtle suggestion there. )

By the way, make sure you check out our video of the GBM Team checking out Surface at CES.

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