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Microsoft Surface Mini Kinect-Like Feature Rumored



How do you know when there’s real interest in a Tablet or a Tablet form factor? When rumors of impending features start circulating from Chinese blogs. Whether this rumor has any substance or not it is certainly an intriguing one for the Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet that many expected to be announced earlier this fall

According to Chinese publication WPDang via UnWired View, the Microsoft Surface Mini, which is still unannounced but expected by some, is scheduled to be launched in Spring 2014 and it will feature Kinect-like features. Those camera and sensors features will allow face recognition and gesture control of the smaller Surface. The source also says that this work work “much smoother” than the current Air Gesture feature offered on The Galaxy Note 3.

The Surface Mini is said to feature an 8-inch display with 1080p HD resolution running an Intel Bay Trail processor.

Again, there is no formal announcement of a Surface Mini Tablet as of yet, much less Kinect-like features to be included. But since last fall’s launch of the second wave of Microsoft Surface Tablets, speculation has been rampant that a smaller 8 inch version would be launched this coming Spring 2014. If a Surface Mini Tablet exists, with or without Kinect-like features, it is possible that we might here some news at CES 2014, but it is also conceivable that Microsoft would choose to make its own news with such an announcement.



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