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Microsoft Surface Pro Arrives February 9: Prices Start at $899



The Microsoft Surface Pro will miss its planned January release, but will arrive in stores on February 9 with the base model starting at $899.

Unlike the Surface RT the Microsoft Surface Pro will go on sale in major retail stores in addition to Microsoft stores at release. So on February 9 users can likely buy the tablet from Best Buy just as easily as they’d buy it from a Microsoft store or kiosk.

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The Surface Pro starts at $899 for the 64GB model. The 128GB model of the tablet will cost $999. Both models come with a pressure-sensitive pen for taking notes and interacting with the tablet without getting fingerprints on the glass. Neither model will include a keyboard, however.

Users can buy their own Bluetooth keyboard for the Surface Pro or choose one of Microsoft’s cover keyboards. Users that want a thin cover and don’t need physical keys can buy the Touch Cover for $120 in any color they want. The Type Cover is a bit thicker, but comes with physical keys and it sells for $130.

Microsoft also has special limited edition designs for the red, magenta and cyan Type Covers, which will sell for $129.99

The new Microsoft Surface Pro is Microsoft’s first device that runs the full version of Windows 8. It uses an Intel Core i5 processor so it can run Windows 8 apps as well as legacy desktop apps. It has the power of an Ultrabook in the form factor of a somewhat thick tablet.

The Surface Pro does have some disadvantages when competing with a laptop, however, due to its form factor. The Surface Pro can’t rest on a user’s lap as easily as a traditional notebook due to its kickstand and keyboard cover design. The Surface Pro can work as a tablet on the go, but it requires a table or some other flat surface in order to use a physical keyboard.



  1. kprojekt

    01/22/2013 at 10:39 am

    Eagerly awaiting the release of this tablet. I hope to see a review on Gottabemobile, maybe load up photoshop for all artists interested in seeing the drawing capabilities of this tablet :)

  2. Ted Hallett

    01/22/2013 at 4:39 pm

    Contrary to what this post states, the RT & the Pro do fit and can be used on your lap quite comfortably. My staff and I all use the RT in a multitude of configurations including in our laps, vehicles, airplanes and in the field all week long every week. It would be more accurate to say the RT may be difficult for some to use in their lap or large people may find the RT difficult to use in their lap. We have developed the technique of holding the RT in one hand while speed typing with the four fingers and thumb of the other. We will be switching to our pre-ordered Pros when they arrive. We are very happy with our Surface RTs.

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