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Microsoft Surface Pro Dock Details Surface Early



An exact date on when users can expect Microsoft to detail its next generation Surface tablets might not yet be known but that isn’t for a lack of leaks. For a third day in a row, leaks have shared information about Microsoft’s plans for Surface accessories – this time it’s a dock.

According to sources who shared information with both Neowin and the WinSuperSite users can expect a dock to launch with the Surface Pro 2 sometime this fall.

While neither outlet provided pictures of the accessory, they both describe it as allowing users to transition from desktop usage to laptop and tablet usage better than the generic docks that are on the market today.

The report from the WinSuperSite described the device as having two arms that “slide in at an angle” and allow users to position their Surface Pro tablet. That report also indicates that users can expect the dock to feature all the ports they would expect from a desktop PC including mini Display port video out, one USB 3.0 port and two USB and a gigabit Ethernet port.

Surface Pro Review Roundup

The Surface Pro docked to a Touch Cover.

Neither of today’s reports indicated how much the accessory would actually cost.

If it’s true Surface Pro and potential Surface Pro 2 users will likely rejoice. Due to the device’s Intel processor, the it should behave as a desktop computer just as well as users might expect from a typical ultrabook.

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For Surface RT and potential Surface 2 users, the news isn’t so great. Both reports indicate that owners of these devices won’t be able to use the upcoming Surface dock. That’s decidedly not good news for users of the Surface RT, which isn’t expected to be compatible with the Surface Power Cover the two outlets leaked details of just yesterday.

For its part Microsoft has remained completely quiet on the prospects of next generation Surfaces devices. However, it’s also made it clear that it plans to continue offering its own first-party computing solutions along the devices of its hardware partners.

Recently leaks have pegged the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 for a launch sometime this year. Microsoft released the Surface RT one year ago this October. As such, it’s possible that Microsoft could announce the tablet and new accessories any day now.

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