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Here’s How the Xbox One Will End the PS4’s Graphics Advantage



Since Microsoft launched the Xbox One last year it’s received a fair bit of criticism from potential buyers worried about the Xbox One’s inability to play games at a resolution that matches Sony’s PS4 gaming console. As Microsoft explained this morning, it’s taking some immediate steps to remedy this issue for Xbox One consoles sitting on store shelves and in user’s homes already.

Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb talked at length about the software changes Microsoft is introducing to make every Xbox One game look a bit better than what’s possible today. According to Lobb, Microsoft didn’t permanently take the 10% of graphics processing power that was dedicated to running the Kinect 2 sensor away permanently like previously assumed. Instead the company created a system in which the Xbox One knows whether the Kinect 2 sensor is plugged in and adjusts accordingly.

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“Lots of people ask ‘so, you’re taking back the GPU reserve for Kinect. Well, does that mean I can’t say, ‘Xbox, record that?’ Now.” More specifically, Microsoft has rethought the way the Xbox One’s Xbox OS operating system manages voice recognition and gesture recognition.

It theory, Xbox One developers now can now make games that are run at 60 frames per second with full resolution. Of course, it’s up to developers to take advantage of this functionality in each individual game. Lobb says that users shouldn’t think of it as Xbox One’s without a Kinect sensor instantly having more RAM or processing power.”

Since whether to use the RAM or not is made on the title level, it’s highly unlikely that any of users older games wouldn’t suddenly look better, at least not without a title update form the developer.

There does seem to be a bit of a misunderstanding where Kinect 2 sensor’s controls are concerned. Today, every Xbox One users can perform gesture commands with their hands while inside of a game. Doing so allows users to quickly access in snapped apps and more. Going forward, that won’t be the case for games created specifically without Kinect support. According to Eurogamer, the outlet that spoke with Lobb on the subject, users won’t be able to go back to the Xbox One’s home screen with hand gestures while inside of a game.

In theory, the Xbox One won’t automatically monitor controllers to see who’s playing in these games either. That’s a shame since Microsoft used not having to manage sign-ins during multiplayer games as a big reason to have the Xbox One over the PS4. To be clear, these features will still work when the user minimizes a game that uses the power meant for Kinect. Voice commands will work as long as users have a Kinect 2 sensor plugged in. It doesn’t appear if those will be effected by this behind the scenes change at all.

All of this is to say that Microsoft has eliminated another reason for users to choose the PS4 over the Xbox One. Previously, some developers argued that they simply couldn’t hit the full 1080p resolution and achieve 30 frames per second with the way the Xbox One previously behaved. That’s key because the higher the resolution the more detailed a game looks.

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Sunset Overdrive, Microsoft’s big new game launching on the Xbox One this holiday season, will include more in-game characters and better graphics thanks to the performance changes. Developer Bungie has confirmed that the Destiny for Xbox One first-person shooter and online role playing game will have the same frame rate and resolution as Destiny for the PS4 when they both arrive in September. Previously, that wasn’t the case.

Microsoft recently launched the perfect console to take advantage of this functionality. Last week the company began selling the $399 Xbox One. It includes the same  controller, HDMI cable, power plug, and chat headset that the $499 Xbox One does. It doesn’t include a Kinect 2 sensor. This bundle has also eliminated the PS4’s other big advantage: pricing.



  1. freeedduu

    06/18/2014 at 12:43 am

    *yawn* yea right.ps4 still has more interal power and graphic bandwidth and they stil not using full power of ps4. keep working MS. still neeed to catch up

    • Jorge Carmona

      01/08/2015 at 9:16 am

      *Yawn* Let me know when the Xbox/PS4 catch up to the PC Master Race.

      • Nigger

        09/09/2015 at 1:15 pm

        right around the same time multiplayer on pc is better *yawn*

  2. steamuser001

    06/18/2014 at 1:38 am

    In your dreams Xbox, i still don’t have a PS4, but as soon as i have the cash ready i am getting a PS4. It’s simple Xbox just doesn’t feel like PS4, PS4 is on another level of gaming far far better than Xbox and it has always been. Xbox One will DIE slowly little by little this gen but will Rest In Peace next gen for sure. Say goodbye its going to the graveyard .. and

    Dreamcast and others say hello!! : )

    Xbox is losing sorry fanboys.

  3. Ryan

    06/18/2014 at 6:16 am

    Steamuser your an idiot first of all and make yourself look like a fanboy.I have both systems and the XONE gets played way more. The user interface is way better than the ps4s bland boring look. Plus everyone on xbox at least uses there mics. On top of that you can use the skype thats built in for that extra chat clarity. Ps4 just isnt very innovative honestly. The kinect is also useful for recording matches plus Xone has usb support for mobile HDs. Now that 10% graphics update is in place why would you want a ps4 ? Not to mention dx12 which helps processing resources by 50%. Facts. You honestly get better value for the XONE setup.

    • jovan

      07/06/2014 at 10:51 am

      I forgot i spent $400 on a next generation console just so i can skype. Lol, you’re the idiot. Idgaf if i can skype and play nba at the same time, i care about 1080p 60fps. The xbox is an entertainment system before its a gaming console. The PS4 is a gaming console.

  4. nick

    06/18/2014 at 7:13 am

    Xbox one just seems to focus on family entertainment which isn’t a bad thing but to be honest I’m buying a gaming console for the games and ps4 has more developers working for them as far as the OS yes Xbox made a more user-friendly experience but who cares when you’re playing a game the ps4 has superior specs along with a controller that has built in Mic and speaker I think in time we will see a better interface with ps4 I remember how simple Xbox 360 OS was b4 the nxe update just saying one update for an interface can change a lot

  5. Robert Isha

    06/18/2014 at 7:34 am

    The problem with graphics is not sony or xbox’s you the consumer who wants to pay no more than $350 or $400. And when they release it. You guys start complaining. That’s not next gen and no high frame rates. Here is some fact at $400 or even $600. It’s impossible to achieve 1080p on every single game. Yes some might look like 1080p. But trust me it’s not .The video card they install on these consoles are the lower end. I have a gaming PC. And no I am not a PC fanatic. I am actually gonna pick up xbox one and ps4 this Christmas when better games are available. Although ryse son of Rome is tempting. So I have 2 video card nvidia gtx 680. And I play at 1440p aka 2650×1660. Which at times I find it hard to play some games. But at 1080p. No problem. So imagine if they have installed one gtx 680 on both these consoles and price it at let’s say $750. Would you still buy it ? Knowing it is the truly next gen. And oh don’t blame the developers because they only can do so much with limited hardware they can’t push any further. I have seen so many ppl saying that the developers hasn’t taking full advantage of the powers of xbox and ps4. Which is absolutely wrong. Just thing about it good sirs. Cheers

  6. Gfords778

    06/18/2014 at 10:58 am

    Xbox one was a better machine than ps4 before this update…because it had better games and no other reason. Forza, dead rising 3, titanfall, ryse. Killzone was horrible and knack…thats funny. I have played my sons ps4…it sucks..we are now both fighting over my xbox one ! Now look xbox one is about to release forza horizon 2 in 1080p and sunset overdrive and scalebound and Halo in 1080p 60 fps and ps4…nothing. Its the games that are better and with this update..directx12..and 300,000+ dedicated servers…it is more powerful in addition to having better games. Only a fool would have a ps4 instead of xbox one. Sony headed for bankruptcy and ps4 owners are simply wasting valuable gametime

  7. Davey420

    06/18/2014 at 11:07 am

    Agree with Gfords778 100%. I got ps4 for Christmas but really wanted xbox one…so i picked up xbox one and figured I would compare the 2 and keep the best. Xbox one is a better system by far…it just does more, has a better operating system, better online service and most importantly has much better games…knack just doesnt do it for me either ! I have compared games side by side like battlefield and even watchdogs…before this update…they look the same and feel smoother to me on xbox one. Selling my ps4 this summer.

  8. Bogle

    06/19/2014 at 10:48 am

    A few things. 1 why are people pointing out knack? It’s one game. It’s got its own audience and good reviews but whatever. The writer of this article Le clearly doesn’t understand programming or tech when he says xbox can finally achieve 60 frames at 1080p. Obviously this was never impossible. Either system could output 4k at 120 frames no problem…As long as you’ve got little of anything going on on the screen. It’s all about stressing your system. Now let me explain why you’re believing some MS PR nonsense. First of all, if the xbox suddenly was 400 times (getting silly here) more powerful, the bandwidth would limit it from ever getting through. The xbox architecture literally will not handle too much power…it’s not designed for it. Crappy resources from kinnect do nothing at all to affect the bandwidth. The ps4 video card is the same company as the one in xbox, but it’s a full 3 generations higher, and boasts 50% more power! The ram is exactly 310% faster. Either of those facts alone (to say nothing of their combination) just annihilate xbox in power. If someone can’t tell the difference in a game, it’s because they either have a small TV or at least a terrible one. I’ve had comparisons done. It’s not subtle. Take the tomb raider game. Same rez on both systems, but 30 frames per second on xbox and 60 on ps4! Sony is literally doubling it’s graphical rendering. That’s a staggering level of difference. As for direct x, when you’re only used to pc, you might think direct X is just everything, but multiple programmers have complained about it. One even said MS’s drivers were garbage. Most said sonys drivers were better and more frequently updated. No one…not one single developer said he preferred using direct X between the 2. I’m sure it will help, but Sony is constantly upgrading too, and apparently more frequently. Sony also has a proprietary way in which it handles information to speed things up that’s revolutionary and there are some great tech article less out there that talk about it. Does anyone REALLY think that a glorified Web Cam will come up with just an EPIC amount of power so that it could tie the playstation??? You’re being duped my friends. And incidentally, Sony does a great many camera tricks too with its own 4 microphone pseye. They will maintain their drastically superior muscle without affecting these features. Even if it manages a 10% increase in xboxs woefully underpowered console, that will hardly amount to a blip on the radar in comparison to the ps4. You still have a greatly underpowered video card, staggeringly less ram and an indisputably less efficient architecture. Anyone who doesn’t know this just doesn’t understand tech. Not saying that makes you a terrible person but it is what it is. You’re kidding yourself if you think they will ever get even remotely close to ps4 power. And NO…This had nothing to do with destiny graphical parity. You could have read something on that subject before making a fool of yourself. Now, if someone prefers games on xbox, by all means get an xbox. Graphics aren’t everything, but if they matter much to you, then get a ps4. If you like indie games, get a ps4. If you want the most exclusives, get a ps4. If you prefer one controller to another, get whatever. Though sadly the xbox one controller isn’t built as well as the 360 controller was and they break over time…too little time. What’s more, website fixya has already documented more than 40,000 broken ones in this country alone. Sony has fewer then 1/30th as many issues. Given the 360 launch which sent out 100% of systems with an inadequate cooling system guaranteeing all to break, is it a surprise? Did MS windows 95 really have to be patched over 200 times to function right…yet they released it before any of them. Did ie have to destroy ms windows on an epic amount of machines when it launched? Why is it that MS zone HAD to work only with MS windows, and yet tens of thousands of users complained they wouldn’t pair and MS said they had no fix for those. I’m sorry you can’t make your own product work with your own product. How are windows 8 phones doing against android and iphone? MS never do anything well…they just dont. They make everything proprietary to such every dime out of their own fan base. When valve offered some free dlc, Sony said ok, MS said no free dlc allowed on their network. MS are a terrible terrible company and it saddens me for their fans. But…If you really like the xbox one, you’re not an idiot or a tool and by all means get one and enjoy. It’s not a bad system. Just don’t believe this ridiculous nonsense about graphical parity. I’d like to grab a wii u next. Pretty sure it’s not a graphical powerhouse (though not bad). Outside of my extreme distaste for MS, I just don’t want to play the inferior version of every game since Sony and MS have so many of the same. There’s a Web site out there doing comparisons. Some developers go the lazy route and don’t wanna make 2 versions so they look the same. Many look a lot better on ps4. Zero look better on xbox one. That will never happen. Resolution and frame rates will always be owned by sony. And for me personally, they have the better exclusives, to say nothing of all the exclusive dlc and extra material in games. Playstation plus offers a multitude of free games per month. Naturally MS tried to copy this year’s later (much like copying the miis from Nintendo with their MANDATORY avatars (thanks for treating your fans like 2 year olds). But ms have already stated they aren’t doing the free games for xbox one. Meanwhile I have garnered the following free games from sony. Dead nation, outlast, dynasty warriors online, war thunder, contrast, pixel junk shooter, dc universe online, warframe, resogun, black light retribution, don’t starve, mercenary kings, Dreamclub, ori-something…Japanese mmo. This is just from memory so maybe I’m forgetting some. What has MS given their fans? Nothing. Nothing at all. Then sony also gives the awesome robots via your cam app and doubtless another playstation home en route. I’m sure someone will say they hate all of this (without knowing how flipping amazing half these games are) because they just want to argue. The playstation for will continue to get multiple free games every month. The ps3 and vita will also get multiple free games per month utilizing the SAME playstation plus account…which is ten bucks cheaper than xbox live which gives you….um. Anyway, no…no, MS will never ever achieve graphical parity. You can put a turbo charger on a vs bug, but the Ferrari it’s racing won’t even be able to tell.

  9. Bogle

    06/19/2014 at 10:58 am

    Apologies for some auto correct typos. VW bug. Fixya reported 40,000 broken xbox one consoles. I know how to spell “four” and “suck” and so on :P. 5th games I listed were all ps4 games. A much larger list for ps3 and vita. Sony recently announced an even amount of free games for each per month now. Minimum 2 per each. For myself, owning all 3 sony formats, that’s at least 6 free games per month. Ps3 had been getting a free game weekly, and never a bad one.

  10. Lee

    06/24/2014 at 7:03 am

    You should probably shop around since your so averse to spending money, you can get a years live subscription for much cheaper if you do. Even received a voucher off ms yesterday telling me to go to game and redeem it to get 12 month live for £23.

    When did MS state they would not give free games? Kinda wondering what games with gold is about then?

    Play all the free games you like, I tend to spend money on the newest games coming out which aren’t free, not even on psn, However thats my choice.

    End of the day, these corporations look out for themselves only. Sony took advertised features from the ps3 and refused to allow refunds on them i.e. install other OS which was one of the main features i was intereseted in. They weren’t able to keep all our details secure when they were hacked either.

    Yes someone will say they dont like those playstation games and features you mentioned, but oh the hypocrisy, its evident youve never properly used an xbox one because you spout inaccuracies in almost everything you say. Where are your links to back up your failure rates?

  11. rnbblessed

    08/01/2014 at 12:58 pm

    Well honesty everyone is just talking shirt the both system game looks the same ,and the Xbox is changing right before our eyes and the ps4 is going to give us this weak update ,honestly all I do is play xboxone and it feels better and in some games actually looks better on xboxone ,wolfinstine,watchdogs ,these games prove that ms has better developers and the systems is better than what fanboys are claiming and u would see this is going to be great for us gamers stop hating and appreciate, now ps4 has nutting to make me say wow the games look the same and it run better on xboxone so u tell me

  12. Gking

    11/23/2014 at 1:47 am

    These replies.. crazy but here I go.. I have played games since atari 3000 and people complain about everything. This ps4 and xbox one war is ridiculous but funny. I have always owned an Xbox and every so often buy a Sony product. I even own a Pc. Ps4 is nice and graphics are great minus the Cod Ghost issue, for you frame rate buffs. Graphics don’t matter if your TV is crap. I own a 4K tv the ps4 can’t operate on I know haters are coming but don’t waste your breath. I care not and most likely will simply laugh. I currently own an Xbox one not because of graphics but it’s the best system for the buck with or without the Kinect. I am obviously older and need more ie., one system to control all my entertainment needs. Blueray, gaming, easy account transfer when moving to another system, the ability for my 2 year old to play, NFL, Cable pass through, Games with gold and complete Internet access. Who cares about controllers really. My Xbox connects to everything in my house on the wifi. My phone is a controller, my tablet is a second screen, my laptop is second screen. But Sony fans are right Ps4 has great internal power but lack advancement in bang for buck. Xbox claim all in one and did just that. And for all those who are not aware but Sony is epic in failing also. Sony Music and electronics and even better security. I can’t even play the Ps4 on my 4K tv. So it sits in a box. I’m no tech nerd just a father who love gaming and enjoy it with my entire family. Xbox is simply a grown up system for those who have a life outside of inspecting every screw of some new system. But I know those cheap lifeless people will say I just want s gaming system. The Xbox is a gaming system just as is Sony except they included more functionality. Steam is a commodity of Microsoft and guess what,, shhhhh.. don’t tell anyone… Microsoft has a Steam based Console coming out… done my life is calling gotta go.

    • Derick

      08/29/2015 at 8:59 am

      You are a complete idiot. When you say you are “no tech nerd”, what you should say is “I have no idea WTF im talking about, but i like to hear myself talk”. That was, without a doubt, the DUMBEST post i have read regarding the differences between the two consoles. We are no all a little bit dumber for having read it.

      Xbox is a grown up system? You lost ALL credibility right there. Stick to changing diapers, something tells me you know a little bit more about that.

  13. Derick

    08/29/2015 at 9:03 am

    Not to mention, “Microsoft has a steam based system coming out” LOL. STEAM has a STEAM BASED SYSTEM COMING OUT YOU FING IDIOT.

    Steam and Microsoft are SEPARATE companies, fool. The steambox is nothing more than steams own console, which is being made by a host of PC manufacturers.

    Alienware/Dell for instance, are making them. Falcon Northwest are also making them. That does not mean that Dell/Alienware OWN steam you idiot.

    Go back to your life where maybe your two year old is dumb enough to believe the idiotic crap that comes out of your mouth, tool.

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