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Microsoft to delay launch of Windows Vista



Rob picked this story up on CNN Money. Does anyone ever hit a planned launch date on software? Looks like Microsoft will not do so on Vista. This story on CNN says so. What seems to me to be a big “ouch” is that now it looks like Vista will not launch to consumers until after the holiday season this year. Wonder what the holdup is? Here is the statement about it:

“Microsoft said Vista is delayed because it wants to improve overall quality, particularly in security, and that PC makers didn’t want the operating system introduced in the middle of holiday sales, because a new version would create instability in the market.”

Hardware vendors did not want it launched? that sounds interesting, but makes no sense to me personally. I think people will wait to buy PC’s now until Vista comes preinstalled. Now we will see PC’s sold with the promise of Vista. I see the logo now, “Vista compatible” with a free upgrade certificate, or forcing the consumer to buy the upgrade later. Ouch.

(image source CNN Money)

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