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Microsoft To Demo TouchWall and Plex at CEO Summit



Microsoft is hosting the Microsoft CEO Summit beginning today for 115 CEOs from around the world. In the keynote, which will be given by Bill Gates, it looks like they will unveil TouchWall and Plex. Described by TechCrunch as “superficially similar to Surface,” TouchWall is the touchscreen itself in this Minority Report-like setup, and Plex is the software to run it.

Since the only info scheduled to be shared outside of the CEO Summit is the keynote, perhaps we’ll get to see some of this in action later. Note that from the TechCrunch articles TouchWall and Plex seem to be different from Surface in one other interesting way as well. To “turn almost anything into multi-touch interface” they are talking “hundreds of dollars” as opposed to Surface’s $10,000 price tag.

Interesting Note: Chris Pratley, who for a long time was one of the Wonders on the OneNote Team, (I used to call him the OneNote Wonder) seems to be involved with TouchWall and Plex.

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