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Microsoft Updates UMPC Info With Vista Launch



With Vista now launched, Microsoft has revamped the Ultra-Mobile PC site and the slogan. It is now: Your Life. At the touch of your finger.  Not only is the new site spiffy, (say is that an Asus R2H I see on that picture?) it seems like Microsoft is trying to further define just what is an Ultra-Mobile PC. Under Hardware requirements you’ll find the following listed:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium OS
  • Approximately 7” diagonal display (or smaller)
  • Minimum 800 x 480 resolution
  • Approximately 2 pounds
  • Integrated touch panel
  • WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled


Vista Home Premium as a minimum requirement? Of course things have been loosey goosey around those kind of definitions from the viral days but that is certainly interesting on a number of fronts. Look for the download for the Origami Experience to be available soon. The site also inlcudes a handy little touchscreen demo of the Origami Experience.

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