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Microsoft Wants Fanboys to Stop Fighting and Switch to Windows Phones



In its latest Windows Phone 8 ad, Microsoft implores iPhone and Galaxy fans to stop fighting and switch to Windows Phone. Missing in the ad: any explaining why users should do that.

The ad pits iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users against each other at a wedding, iPhone users on one side of the aisle, Samsung fans on the other. The fight begins as an iPhone 5 user asks another guest with what looks like a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to put their giant phone down so they can see the ceremony.

From there, the ad covers almost every major complaint each side has about the other. The iPhone side calls Galaxy phones one trick ponies for their NFC features, ignoring all of the other S features nobody will use such as Group Play and Smart Pause. The Apple fans further insult Samsung by claiming Samsung copied Apple and using Siri.

Samsung fans fire back by insinuating that iPhones are only for old people, and by blasting autocorrect. One guest even brings up the age-old “iSheep” insult.

The wedding quickly devolves into an all-out brawl between the Apple and Samsung fans, ruining the entire wedding. Guests throw chairs about the room, someone punches someone else across the room into the cake, and one Apple fan tears open their shirt Superman-style to show an Apple logo tattoo.

Throughout the melee two members of catering wonder if the others would stop fighting if they knew about the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone. While everyone else has black and white phones, the servers have the only bit of color with their red and yellow Lumia 920s. The ad shows off the start screen of the Lumia, but doesn’t show much else.


Before cutting to the promo with an Engadget quote about the Lumia 920, a server suggests that maybe the Apple and Samsung fans “like fighting.”

The ad is almost too aware of Microsoft’s position as an oft-forgotten third-place platform. It’s a funny ad, but it might take more than a splash of color and a beautiful start screen to sell users on the Lumia 920, or other Windows Phone 8 devices.



  1. Mike E. Delta (@MediaCastleX)

    04/29/2013 at 12:58 pm

    How about the fact that we’re actually that much cooler under pressure than you guys..? =[

  2. richard

    04/29/2013 at 2:50 pm

    And the irony.. I can’t view the videos in this article on a HTC 8x wp8 device.
    Say what you must MS against you competitors. But their OS’ just work.

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