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Microsoft: Why Enterprises Shouldn’t Use Google Apps



Mobile Office Enterprise Microsoft has issued its “top questions that enterprises should ask when considering the switch to GAPE” ( Google Apps Premier Edition ). For folks who work in the mobile enterprise space, this is a must-read, as the costs and mobility questions raised certainly cast a wide shadow for us all. That said, I wonder how Microsoft would answer these same questions in terms of Live Office?

Here is one of the points:

3.      Google touts the low cost of their apps —not only price but the absence of need for hardware, storage or maintenance for Google Apps.  BUT if GAPE is indeed a complement to MSFT Office, the costs actually become greater for a company as they now have two IT systems to run and manage and maintain.  Doesn’t this result in increased complexity and increased costs?

Mary Jo Foley has the goods, so head over there for the complete story.

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