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Microsoft: Windows Phone 8 Backwards Compatible With Windows Phone 7 Apps



Microsoft’s own Brandon Watson had turned to Twitter to clarify any confusion by announcing, again, that Windows Phone 8, which is widely believed to be codenamed Apollo, will be compatible with apps designed currently for Windows Phone 7. Watson’s tweet comes as a response Eldar Murtazin’s tweet that developers would need to re-code Windows Phone 7 apps to be compatible with Windows Phone 8, but Microsoft insists that is not the case and the company had initially announced that at the Mix 2011 conference.

Microsoft’s most recent major app count in its Windows Phone Marketplace app store is 60,000. The company would most likely not want to upset developers by forcing extra work on them with the release of Windows 8 in an effort to grow the Marketplace count further. Though Microsoft is rapidly adding new apps to Windows Phone Marketplace, the number of apps available for Windows Phone still trails that of Android and iOS.


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