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Microsoft’s Jeff Raikes and OneNote 2007



OnenotedemoIt is good to know that there is a OneNote fan in the upper echelons of Microsoft. Jeff Raikes is the president of Microsoft’s Business Division and a big OneNote fan. Daniel Escapa has linked to a couple of articles about how Jeff uses OneNote 2007 in his workflow.

OneNote 2007–An Executive’s Best Practices is a demo showing off some of OneNote’s features. (it takes a while to load.)

Michael Oldenburg takes a look at how Jeff uses OneNote 2007 in his daily workflow. Here’s a snippet:

“I’m on a mission to eliminate all of my Outlook folders in favor of storing everything in OneNote,” Jeff told us. “That’s because OneNote is simply a more effective information repository.” Taking a glance at some of his notebook sections, it was easy to see why. Instead of filing single e-mail messages and their file attachments away one by one, OneNote lets him keep such information in full context with other files and together with his personal notes and annotations. For files that can’t be singularly classified, he can link between the pages and sections in his OneNote notebook to easily remind himself of their relevance to each other. The result is fewer folders and less dependence on their names and locations.

Note also that Jeff is also a Tablet PC fan.

I keep saying it over and over again. OneNote 2007 is far too good to be so under-promoted.

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