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Microsoft’s Marketing Goes Into The Tank. Again



MeMy, oh my, oh my, oh my. Mary Jo Foley points to Microsoft’s new marketing campaign for Vista. We’ve gotten past the Wow and are now trumpeting this slogan:

100 Reasons Why Everyone Is So Speechless

I can’t believe someone got paid to come up with this, and that someone got paid to approve it. The negative approach in the list far outweighs the positive and boy that is sure to win over some folks on the fence. Sure there is a long list, but oh, my goodness some of the reasons listed are nothing more than fluff and feathers, and some are just silly, and there is way too much redundancy which makes it look like they were scraping to reach a target. In fact the whole thing almost resembles a parody. A few of my favorites:

7. Because you can freeze time. (No, it isn’t about freeze ups on your computer it is about using Windows Photo Gallery to store your photos.)

13. Because you need to know who the bad guys are.

23. Because it’s like a digital candy store.

35. Because you’ll know it when you see it.

36. Get a “do-over” when you need it.

At least Tablet PCs made it into the list with number 29 and number 93, although the descriptions are pretty lame.

I’d like to say I’m speechless about how I feel about this phenomenal marketing mistake, but the opposite is true. I have far too many unkind and unprintable things to say. So I’ll just leave it at that.

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