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Mid Moves is Beginning to Move



midmoves_jenn_gear-1 Make sure you add Mid Moves to your RSS Reader. The four bloggers who are going to be checking out some MID action on four different road trips are starting to blog about the equipment they’ve been provided by Intel. It looks like we’re going to hear about some response to the BenQ S6, the Clarion MiND, The Compal MID, and an QQO Model 02+.  In addition it looks like the MIdmovers will be also toting the Kohjinhsa SC3, a Sharp Willcom D$, and a WiBrain i1. There are already some interesting posts up about what the gang is carrying and the device Intel has provided them for their respective tours.

I’m intrigued that the new OQO is included in that mix, given that I didn’t really think of it as a MID, even with its smaller size. But I guess that speaks to the craziness about labeling devices in this small mobile device world. According to the site, the tour starts in 7 hours.

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