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Midlinux 2.0 on a Samsung Q1U



Rodfather is pointing to an interesting post over on the Intel site.  Clayne Robinson of Intel installed the Midlinux 2.0 Beta 5 on a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC.  Like Rodfather says, there sure are a lot of cool things going on in the Linux arena. I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface on what we are going to be seeing in the next few months.  Wonder where we’re going to be sitting a year from now – how many Linux ‘small’ devices are going to be out there??

I got a copy of Midinux 2.0 Beta 5 the other day, so I took the plunge and blasted the OS that came pre-installed on my Q1Ultra. Installation was relatively painless, although I wished that there was a little more flexibility when it came to choosing which packages to install. But then, that’s only because I’ve installed Linux a few times and like that flexibility. If I had never installed Linux before, I probably would be glad that I didn’t have to choose which packages to install.

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