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MidMoves Launches with Travel Plans



midmovesWhat do you get when you give four mobile tech bloggers orders to take a trip for a few days and then hand them new Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs)?

You get MidMoves, a project designed to check out MID hardware and how well it works when you (or they) go mobile.

The MID Moves project is an event designed to highlight how mobile Internet and Mobile Internet Devices bring you the power of the full Internet and the full Web in a way that enables you to go mobile while remaining productive, able to communicate, able to locate yourself and your contacts and even allowing you to have some fun on the way.

Each of the team will be taking two or more Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices on a fun and exciting 4-day tour and using this website, social networking and other internet media tools, bringing the whole event to you; update-by-update, picture-by-picture-by-picture and inevitably, problem-by-problem. A veritable Web2.0-fest!

Steve “Chippy” Paine, Jenn from Pocketables, Nicole Simon, and Ewan Spence are going to be having some fun and hopefully providing us all with some interesting insights and info on how these MIDs work. They still don’t know what devices they are going to be checking out yet, so this should prove really interesting once they hit the road.

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