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MIDs, Linux, and UMPCs – Getting Focused on GBM!



The mobility landscape seems to be in a constant state of flux as of late, as software companies and OEMs are listening to consumer feedback. Just look at this story from today from Mozilla, Arm, and MontaVista regarding their Linux based UMPC news as a prime example.

As the MID / Linux UMPC scene continues to expand, we want to bring the community the best and most exhaustive coverage possible. To help us do just that, Daniel Gentleman, better known as Thoughtfix of Nokia / fame, will be guest blogging over the next month to two months covering that new scene for us. Daniel knows that world well, so it should be very insightful and thorough.

To begin with, he’ll be giving us a primer on Linux on ultra-mobile devices, and then laying out the case for why it is a good thing, as well as addressing some of the challenges it faces. Linux on a UMPC is not without its concerns. As the next month to two unfolds, expect him to build upon that looking forward at what CES and the future will bring us all in terms of devices and sofware.

Join me in welcoming Daniel as a guest blogger to GBM!

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