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MiFi 2200 to Debut on Verizon



mifi2200_tilted_rightNo, that’s not a typo. The MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot is headed to Verizon. Based on Novatel technology, this credit card sized personal WiFi hot spot that can be shared with up to five other users sounds like a great option for grabbing some broadband on the go. It contains 802.11 a/b/g and EVDO Rev. A radios. You’ll supposedly get 4 hours of battery life in operation and Verizon says it has up to 40 hours of standby time. There’s also a feature that shuts the card down after a period of time to save on battery life.

Verizon also seems to be a little more consumer friendly with its plans for the MiFi. There are several available. For $40 a month you can get up to 250MB of data with 10 cents per MB for overages. For $60 per month you are capped at 5GB. And if you are not a frequent traveler and just using this on occasion you can purchase a DayPass for $15. Of course that last option will boost the price of the card from $100 (the subsidized price with a 2 year contract) to $270.

This sounds like a really intriguing option for mobile users and some are saying it could replace the various USB modems, etc.. that are the standard of the moment. David Pogue in the New York Times has an interesting write up on this and his experiences.

Look for this to be available on May 17.

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