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MiFi OS on the way to empower mobile hotspots



Novatel Wireless is finally pushing out the new OS for MiFi mobile hotspots, expanding its capabilities to emcompass access to online storage, SMS, VPN, location-awareness, and more. Interesting news if you have a MiFi 2352 or 2372 model.

Per the press release:

The MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot consolidates all your connectivity demands in one economical solution. An increasing number of business applications and widgets such as Auto-VPN, NovaDrive(TM) for cloud storage, SMS capabilities, data-usage widget and Geosearch will also provide significant cost-savings and enhanced productivity to the mobile professional. Rather than installing and licensing software for each connecting Wi-Fi device (laptops, netbooks, tablets) the applications reside on the MiFi device and no installation is necessary on the connecting devices. In addition, one software license is being shared across the multiple connecting devices with the benefit of reducing IT management costs and complexity. It improves access to corporate resources and information for the mobile workforce with one device in a secure and cost-effective manner.

I admit I wasn’t seeing the real advantage when the news of a MiFi OS first leaked, but the idea of a smart router that offers custom capabilities to every computer on its mini-network is pretty interesting. Makes sense for a corporate environment, but I’m sure enterprising geeks will find other advantages for this personal area network.

Via UMPCPortal

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