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Everyone is interested in knowing how Microsoft is going to approach Tablet PC from a marketing perspecive now that Tablet PC has been rolled into Vista as an additional feature. Will it continue to get eyeballs from a marketing perspective?  In addition, what are Microsoft’s plans for Origami and when can we realistically expect to begin to see them in retail stores?

In this Podcast InkShow, I explore these questions and more with Mika Krammer, the Director of Windows Client Mobility at Microsoft. Mika has been with Microsoft since December 2005. Prior to arriving at Microsoft, she was a VP of Research at Gartner.

  • Listen to the Podcast Inkshow (direct download: 26:33, 30.3 mb-MP3 format)
  • Listen to our previous Podcast InkShow Interview with Darin Fish, Director of Business Development fo the Mobile and Tailored Platforms Division
  • Visit and Microsoft’s Partner site
  • Visit Microsoft’s Vista website

 Thanks to Aubergine for the rocking intro music, Pursuit.

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