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Milking a Tablet PC for All It Is Worth



Tablet PC Case Study - Box Canyon DairyThe folks at MobileDemand and the Box Canyon Dairy have been putting rugged Tablet PCs to the test, using them to help streamline management of the dairy’s breeding and vet procedures. They’ve produced a thorough of a case study, complete with video and written documentation.

Here is a description of the problem MobileDemand was aiming to solve for Box Canyon Dairy, along with some videos, and more information on MobileDemand’s website:

Idaho Dairy Reduces Cattle Wrangling Time by 50 Percent with New Software, RFID and a Rugged Tablet PC.


Streamline management of the dairy’s complex breeding and veterinary procedures

Provide employees with access to up-to-date information


Migrate existing software to a mobile, full screen TabletPC

Introduce mobile version of DairyQuest on to fully digitize management of dairy’s veterinary procedures


• More efficient, streamlined operations

• More accurate decision making, less errors

Scott Haag, general manager of Box Canyon Dairy in Wendell, Idaho is all too familiar with challenges of running large dairy. The 2,500-acre dairy roughly 100 miles southeast of Boise, has been in operation for the past 26 years and milks roughly 7,000 cows on a regular basis. The dairy owns an additional 1,000 dry cows and is in the process of buying another dairy, which will bring its total count to approximately 10,000 cows.

With an operation of this magnitude, management of the veterinary care and breeding of these animals is not only a priority but a necessity. So, when Haag decided to implement a more efficient process for the health, care and breeding of the cows, he turned to ProfitSource, a software developer for the agriculture industry based in Wisconsin, and MobileDemand, a rugged Tablet PC manufacturer based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The resulting implementation has completely transformed daily operations at the dairy.

By MobileDemand:

And ProfitSource:


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