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Mind Blowing Photoshop CS6 Demo Video



Photoshop CS6 is all about the wow factor, and this new demo is no different.

Instead spending hours to move an object from one spot in your photo to another, it takes seconds.

Better yet, it’s so simple even you and I can do it.

If you’ve ever wanted to move a car, a person or any object in a photo, watch how drop dead simple it is in Photoshop CS6 in this video demo below from Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager. 

Hughes is able to loosely select a binocular mount and a woman and move them to a new place in seconds, with what can only be described as magic. The place he moves the object from is filled in from nearby pixels, as if the object was floating on top of the image.

But wait. It gets even better. By grabbing a small section of a roof, he is able to make the roof larger with a click and a drag. 

These cool demos are thanks to Adobe Photoshop CS6’s new content aware features. Instead of taking hours and requiring complicated steps, Content Aware aims to make it possible for pros to be more productive and amateurs to be more creative. 

Check out the before and after comparison below to see all the differences. 

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