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Mindjet Awards Two More Winners in GBM’s MindManager 8 Contest



I received an email the other day from Mindjet regarding the highly successful contest we ran. They were so impressed with the quality of entries submitted that they gave me an additional two licenses to give away!

So, congratulations to Tom McKee and Michael Wilson. You two, along with Jeff Pollard, are the proud owners of a MindManager 8 license! Read their submissions after the break.

Download your free 30-day trial here. and be sure to watch our InkShow video review here.

Tom McKee:

I have been using Mindmanager since 2003 to manage addiction treatment programs, personal projects and most successfully to help addicts get and stay clean. The visual mapping of high risk situations, relapse processes, irrational thought processes and brainstorming pro-recovery behaviors, problem solving and more rational thought processes is well suited to the addict in early recovery that is affected by the brain dysfunction of active addiction. Unfortunately I unexpectedly lost my job in 2005 and along with it my tablet pc, I visit your site almost daily dreaming of the time I will have once again a slate. My version of MindManager is X5 Pro and though I have downloaded each new version as a trial I have not yet been able to afford to upgrade. Currently I am managing a Drug Court for a Judicial District in Oregon, I have two teams of about 14 each, including 2 Judges, 6 District Attorneys, 12 public defenders, 4 treatment providers, 4 Probation officers and two child welfare workers. We are in the process of revamping the program to meet the requirements of our funding source. This is proving to be quite a project getting two separate teams in two separate Counties to reach consensus in order to move forward in a timely manner is quite frustrating. So I would put to use the Mindjet Player function of Version 8 as soon as it was loaded to move forward building consensus among this large diverse group of players. Automated task management would give me a leg up as I manage the weekly reports to the court, case-management of participants, grant writing, budget management, public relations work and team coordination that make up my daily tasks. Integrated MS office file editing would streamline my consent switching between word, excel, and PowerPoint. The Database linker would be great as all data is contained in MS Access. As for the Integrated web content and the embedded web browser these functions would be quickly put to use as I move forward with a web based recovery enhancement tool, that has been a project I have been working on for some time now waiting for just these functions to appear in MindManager. So as you can see I could really use this new version of MindManager. The only thing that would make me happier would be if someone would offer me a tablet to replace my well used Satellite Pro 6100. Thanks for the chance GBN and for keeping me lusting for a tablet once again.

Michael Wilson

I am a boy scout professional, I manage 2500 youth and the dozen plus events that happens each year. We need to plan in the office with mulitple people to make sure the event is well planned. I am exited to see how the editing within mindmanger of word and excel document will be. It will be great to be able to use my x60t and this program together to keep things flowing with inking. The key feature I look foward to trying in the next 30days and beyond is the seeing the critical tasks. We are called the professional jugglers from the volunteer boy scouts because the we are managing 15,000 youth as council with a paid staff of 15. We can use all the help we can to make our time the most effiective to make the program the best we can for the scouts.

Jeff Pollard:

As a pastor, the overseer of six worldwide ministries, and the editor of a quarterly magazine, I use MM7 for numerous projects and planning, and MM8 looks like a great improvement. For the magazine I edit, MM let’s me plan authors, articles, sequence, themes in monthly and yearly formats. I can see at a glance the way a year’s worth of magazines came together. Being able to integrate file editing with Word and Excel would be especially helpful. Keeping track of schedules for projects is important as well. I also keep the membership of the church mapped out with personal information, prayer requests, members, ages and genders of family members. I can add and delete information with ease. Sermon preparation takes on a new perspective as I map out main and sub-points. I can easily arrange and rearrange sermon material as I exegete a passage. Dropping in notes and Biblical text has been something of a challenge, but the new integration file editing would probably take care of that! Being a pastor constantly presents me with the personal problems and challenges that the congregation faces. MM let’s me visualize the elements of an individual’s problems and then work toward resolution. It is truly amazing how helpful it is to think through problems in various aspects of the ministry visually. It’s also great for brainstorming with my fellow-elder. I have also used MM for planning conferences. Since we plan to rebuild our website, being able to browse while working in MM8 looks extremely helpful. Connection with our website would take on a new dimension. This is truly helpful program, and I look forward to the new version.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tom McKee

    11/17/2008 at 2:13 am

    Rob, what a surprise, I got home on Friday night after a 11 hour day and 300 mile drive to a meeting of Drug Court Coordinators from around the State, checked my email and found yours in my Junk folder, they will not go there anymore.  At that meeting I took on a new project to determine the cost of a participant in each of the 28 drug courts around the state. Mindmanager 8 will sure help in that task. I downloaded the program that night but am just getting around to exploring it now. Please thank the good folks at MindJet for me. I would love a name to send a personal thanks to. The potential of using MindManager in addiction treatment is great and would love to discuss it more with them. Thanks again to for a site that every time I come to I learn more. Tom McKee

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