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MindJet’s MindManager Version 7 InkShow, "A trip to Cancun"



 Well, the MindJet team just keeps rolling right on producing great software.  I don’t mean software that merely functions, I mean software that innovates and meets great current expectations for interface, functionality, etc.  With the introduction of MindManager Pro Version 7, they have really kept their reputation for great software secure.

image In this GottaBeMobile InkShow, I have taken the beginning of a real life planning process, and used it to show you just a few of the ways this application can assist you in planning, brainstorming, integrating different processes, etc.  Splotch and I (oh yeah — and my wife also) are headed to Cancun in a month or so for a week on the beach in an all inclusive resort.  I’m excited.  I am also excited about the fact that I have a great tool like MindManager Pro Version 7 to help me plan the journey.  I literally use this tool every day in my personal and professional life to keep my head straight on what all is going on.  The process of using mind mapping is one that should be taught in every school, even prior to college.  The process is great, but the tool needs to support it well, and MindManager from MindJet does that.  I demo a number of great features of this product, but there is no way to show it all.

As I use the tool to plan my trip, I spend a little time sharing how to brainstorm, use ink and the keyboard, import, export and synch Outlook data, use other data sources, etc. to make the process better.  If you do not have any experience with mind mapping, or MindManager, it is worth taking the time to check out, especially to see the end result of a process that takes lots of details and help get it organized.

Oh yeah, there is a special bonus as well. If you watch this show, you will also get to hear me sing a bit.  Never mind what Splotch says about my voice, it’s not that bad — really.  Enjoy the show.

Watch the Hi-Res InkShow
(Windows Media Player format 23:50, 71.1mb)

imageFor more info on MindJet Mind Manager Version 7:

Download 21 day trial version here 

Pick up your own copy.  Then you too can plan a trip to Cancun!  :)

(now what did I do with my Jimmy Buffet CD’s?)


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