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MindManager 7 Getting Ready To Roll Out



MindjetlogoFolks in the GBM Forums are getting excited and deservedly so. MindJet has announced that MindManager 7 is about ready to roll out of Beta on May 30, 2007. Here’s the scoop from the MindJet site where you can sign up for an email notification that lets you know when the new version is available for purchase.

MindManager Pro 7 for Microsoft Windows features a new interface based on the Microsoft Office Fluent™ UI – designed to enable people to quickly discover and utilize more capabilities within MindManager. New usability enhancements include easier browsing within the Ribbon which has logically grouped tabs, contextual tabs for better navigation, new map styles for faster formatting and enhanced ScreenTips, just to name a few.

Tight integration with Microsoft applications in MindManager means users can launch Excel, Word, Project or Outlook from within MindManager as well as import or export key content or information easily to any Microsoft Office application. Saved queries and views, advanced sorting, topic-level formatting, and the centralization of map subtopics further streamline the easy navigation and visualization of particular sets of information within a Mindjet map.

MindManager maps can be linked to variety of data sources beyond Microsoft® Office, such as RSS feeds, websites, and popular applications like®, enabling users to capture, organize, and visualize complex information. Integration with leading productivity applications and enterprise solutions saves users time and ensures quick data exchange for dashboard and presentation creation, contact and content management, data and project management, and more.

And if you’re looking for more info on what’s under the hood in MindManager 7 check out The Mind Mapping Software Weblog. Here’s a link to the press release.




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