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MindManager Planning in the Extreme



The extreme cold, that is. Mindjet just announced the completion of a 5 year planning process for an Ice Warrior team trekking the Northwest Passage and making a try for the Arctic Pole.

This latest expedition with a team of novices, marshalled by world famous Arctic-explorer, Jim McNeill, will attempt an extreme polar journey that will thoroughly explore the North West Passage. Jim will then return to his base camp in Resolute Bay, the second most northerly community in Canada before attempting to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility in a crucial scientific exploration of the Arctic Ocean, by aircraft. The pole otherwise known as the Arctic Pole, has never before been reached and stands as the very last World First in Polar history. The planning for this epic journey started in 2003 under the leadership of Jim and with the use of MindManager, a visual information mapping tool. The software was used by the Ice Warrior team to plan all their logistics and critical contingency measures down to the extreme detail during the preparation of this human endurance test.

This has to be the most incredibly complex mind-mapping that I’ve ever heard of. You can read about the story in the press release, but I hope to hear more about how they team actually does with the trek.

Read more about Ice Warrior project.

via The Mindjet Blog

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