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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pre-Orders: Which Edition Should You Buy?



Video game developer and publisher Electronic Arts is looking to do almost the impossible. The company is planning to completely reboot an established franchise that critics seemed to love. All the while, it’s hoping that the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst release will stay true to games that came before it.

Faith Connors, the protagonist at the core of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst doesn’t carry a weapon. Corruption is rampant in the City of Glass. Faith is looking to find the truth about her past and she won’t stop at anything to uncover it. She is different from other game protagonists in that she isn’t super-human, but just daring. The game’s combat focuses on physicality. Faith pummels enemies and leaps along buildings to move around Glass. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an open-world adventure game.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

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The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst release date coming up soon. Here’s what you need to know about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst pre-orders ahead of the game’s launch in a few weeks’ time.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pre-Orders: Release Date

With more and more games filling the winter shopping season, game developers are looking to cash in on other months, when the release calendar is a little quieter. The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst release date was officially scheduled for February, but Electronic Arts delayed it late last winter.

The latest official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst release day is June 7th in the United States and June 9th in European countries. In addition to there being Xbox One and PS4 versions, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming to Windows PCs through Electronic Arts’ Origin PC service. Earlier games in the Mirror’s Edge franchise were available on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3. That won’t be the case with this new game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pre-Orders: Editions

Electronic Arts is keeping things relatively simple as far as different editions go. There are only two physical versions of the game for shoppers to pre-order. In addition to that, there’s just a single digital version available on each platform.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Standard Edition

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Standard Edition costs $59.99 and comes with just the game. Those that purchase it after launch don’t get any pre-order extras with it. Those that do pre-order the game will get a few character power-ups. The version of the game is available in retail stores for pre-order and online for purchase.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition won’t be sold in stores. You’ll need to purchase it online at GameStop and Amazon. This version of the game comes with two temporary arm Tattoos, a Mirror’s Edge themed storage box, 10 art concepts, a copy of the game contained in a Steelbook Case and a 14-inch statue of Faith Connors. This edition is $199.99.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Digital Edition

This version of the game is available through the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store and EA Origin Store. It only costs $59.99.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pre-Orders: Pre-Order Bonuses

Place a Mirror’s Edge Catalyst pre-order at GameStop to get an in-game extra called the Combat Runner Kit. The Runner Kit comes with an Echo Shader, runner tags and a backgrounds. Some retailers will also offer the Speed Runners Kit, another digital add-on pack that includes the same type of extras. When you buy the game at a retailer you’ll get one or the other.

To get both the Speed Runner Kit and Combat Runner Kit you need to buy a digital version of the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Early Release

EA Access, a digital subscription service introduced a few years ago, makes it possible to play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst days earlier than the official launch.

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In fact, subscribers to EA Access get the game five entire days before anyone else. In a way, it’s sort of a free trial. Users can dump the game after their 10-hour time allotment is up, or decide to purchase it through the Xbox One for a 10% discount. Game saves transfer over to the final version of the game – digital or physical. Unfortunately for PS4 owners, EA Access is only for owners of the Xbox One and EA Origin for PC.

The early release for EA Access users starts on June 2nd. EA Access costs $4.99 a month.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Pre-Orders: Midnight Releases

With high-profile releases, you can usually head to GameStop at midnight and pick up your game. For now, that doesn’t seem to be the case for pre-orders.

A check of GameStop and Best Buy’s Event pages didn’t yield any midnight release pick-ops for Mirror’s Edge. It’s entirely possible – even likely – that GameStop will announce a midnight release event for the game closer to its release. It’s waited until days before a launch to announce events before. If purchased online from Amazon, the game will arrive on release day.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Deals

GameStop might be skipping a Mirror’s Edge Catalyst midnight release party, but the company is throwing players some savings. Anyone that trades in games or accessories towards the cost of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will see a 20% boost in value.

Mirror's Edge Deals

Additionally, Amazon Prime, EA Access and Best Buy have their own deals. Amazon Prime slashes the cost of every game a user pre-orders before or shortly after launch by 20%. Best Buy takes 20% off the cost of new games too, when shoppers use their Gamers Club Unlocked subscription. Anyone with an EA Access subscription gets a 10 hour free trial of the game, and 10% off the version of the game available through the Xbox Store.

Here’s to hoping Mirror’s Edge Catalyst successfully reboots the franchise.

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