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Mitac E100 Slate Gets FCC Approval



Mitac E100 Rugged Tablet PCMitac just got official FCC approval on a new Tablet PC. It’s a ruggedized 8.4" slate running on an Intel Stealey processor, with the full complement of WiFi and Bluetooth. You can even add 3G capabilities via a SIM card slot in the bottom. No mention of the supported operating systems, but the screen captures in the manual are from Windows XP. It appears to have an option of active or passive digitizer. The User’s Manual talks about a numeric keypad to the right of the screen, but I sure don’t see it in the FCC photos. The unit also has an optional docking station available.

No mention of availability or price, but given that it’s just gotten FCC approval, I expect to see some more on this soon.

You can read the User’s Manual courtesy of the FCC.

Update: Thanks to Matt Miller at MobileDemand! The Mitac system is NOT related to the XTablet T8600 Rugged Tablet PC available from MobileDemand. The XTablet was the first to include the numeric keypad.  This version shows the integrated numeric keypad and everything. And sports "7 hours of uninterrupted use". Check out the product page. However, given that this product was announced in April, the new E100 may be an update.

xTablet T8600 Rugged Tablet PC

via MobileWhack, FCC

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