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MLB 15 The Show Anniversary Edition Packs $130 Of Extras



Sony, makers of the PS4 and PS3 gaming consoles, isn’t passing up an opportunity to score big with series fans and potential Xbox One buyers. This morning Sony unveiled MLB 15: The Show 10th Anniversary Edition, a special disc based version of the basic version of the game with $130 in extra content.

MLB 15 The Show Anniversary Edition was announced in a surprise post on the PlayStation Blog. Sony says that it’s offering the special anniversary bundle as a way to show their appreciation for the PlayStation users that have stuck with the franchise for the last 10 years.

mlb 15 the show

The normal version of MLB 15 The Show will still cost $59.99, and this new version is priced slightly higher at $69.99. That extra $10 will get users a collector’s case for the game itself made to look like the wood grain of a bat. This very of the game will also come with its own collector’s edition cover. That’s about all of the physical extras users get. As far as digital add-ons are concerned there’s 12K in stubs, something that would normally cost buyers $9.99 separately, 15 bonus item packs, dynamic themes for all 30 of the teams that play in the MLB and an another theme made for the game itself. A theme for the PS4 normally costs $3.49 each.

All told, buying MLB The Show 15 is a pretty logical thing to do for serious fans of the franchise. It also makes sense for anyone who already planned on buying the game and had their eye on just the extra bonus item packs. PS4 and PS3 owners can pre-order MLB 15: The Show Anniversary Edition from Best Buy, Wal-Mart and GameStop today. To be clear, this version of the game actually comes on a disc. As such users can trade the game in for credit towards other titles when they’re done with it. There’s another version of the game coming to the PlayStation Store on February 10th for pre-order. It’ll offer all of the digital anniversary extras, but not include the special book or packaging.

Sony notes in its blog post that users who pre-order this version will get to download it and install it on their systems a few days before regular versions of the game arrive on store shelves for pick up. To be clear, users will still have to wait until release night to play the digital version.

Those who pre-order MLB 15 The Show digitally will get a voucher that allows them to get a skin for their PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller from SkinIt. PS4 owners who pre-order from GameStop will also get the SkinIt voucher. For now, we’re still waiting to hear about what special features MLB 15: The Show will introduced. Sony has a Twitch video stream planned for later this afternoon.

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Sports games and first-person shooters are the lifeblood of any console. Gamers who love either are almost guaranteed to spend money on them each year for better graphics and a more accurate simulation. What makes MLB 15: The Show so exciting is that MLB 15: The Show is absolutely exclusive to the PS4 and PS3. That means users who want to play the game each year have to invest in a Sony-made console and accessories. What’s more, Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem doesn’t exactly have an equivalent of MLB: The Show. Instead, last year Microsoft partnered with EA to bundle the Xbox One with copies of Madden NFL 15.

MLB 15: The Show will arrive on store shelves for purchase on the PS4 and PS3 on March 31st. The game is also coming to Sony’s PS Vita gaming console.

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