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Mobile E-mail Tips and Etiquette



There is an article I found in my feeds that got me thinking about how I use e-mail.  Currently I have an ATT Tilt that I used Exchange Active Sync with my work e-mail.  I use it quite a bit, and even sometimes while even sitting at my desk… because it’s easier sometimes… just for some of the reasons below! Check out these seven tips – any other rules out there that you follow??

1. First, determine if you’re sending to a wireless device.

2. Don’t overabrvt.

3. The subject line isn’t everything, but it should often be the only thing.

4. Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes.

5. Ask before you tell your life story.

6. Cut the funny stuff.

7. Skip your John Hancock.

For more of an explanation about these tips, Check out the post on the Microsoft Small Business Center

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