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auditionsandghosts 080_Small I’m at home tonight but my wife isn’t. She’s at the theatre where we work, acting as a guide for the DC Metro Ghost Watchers, a firm that checks out buildings and places for supernatural activity and/or ghosts. Our theatre, Wayside Theatre, does indeed have a legend surrounding a supposed benevolent ghost by the name of George (check out more about the legend here.) Let me just say that I think theatres are special places and while I can’t put my finger on a single moment where I can say I’ve seen or heard any evidence, I do believe most theatres are filled remnants and a presence of those who have come before. Now, at Wayside Theatre, during my time, there have been quite a few George events. I’ve never experienced one personally, but others swear they have.

Anyway, before I was chased away (by design-they only want so many folks there during the event) I got to snap a few pictures of some of the mobile gear they were laying out for their hunting and testing. Some of the video and audio I got to watch and listen to was pretty spooky stuff.

My wife, Thomasin, (who is a big fan of the supernatural and loves the various shows on cable TV that follow teams like these,) will be there through the end of the proceedings, no matter how late. Who knows if George will show up or not. There has been some local publicity on this event so when I left the theatre there were a few cars with folks sitting in them on the street watching the theatre.

auditionsandghosts 066_Small auditionsandghosts 068_Small
auditionsandghosts 070_Small auditionsandghosts 072_Small
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auditionsandghosts 075_Small auditionsandghosts 080_Small
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