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Mobile PC Computing Continues To Rise



The inevitable just keeps getting more so. According to Busy Mobiles Report from MetaFacts 53% of computer-using adults are now using either a notebook or Tablet PC. “ Yes, you read that quote right, it includes Tablet PCs. We don’t usually see that, so I guess that’s an encouraging sign.

Here’s the really intriguing statistic though:

The large-scale nationwide survey found that 44% of the mobile PCs used 40 or more hours per week are owned by households, 31% are owned by large businesses, and 25% by small & medium businesses, education, and government.

I would have thought we’d see a larger number from large business.

Some other interesting statistics from the survey:

  • 76% of the busiest mobile PC users spend more time with their PC than watching TV
  • Mobile PC households are above average in the use of consumer electronics.
  • Mobile PC computing is a sport for the young. 31% of the busiest mobile users are males age 18 to 34, just under 25% are females age 18 to 34.

Via News Blaze

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