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If you’re a software developer interested in Tablet PCs, and you haven’t registered yet for the Mobile PC Partner Program you probably should head over and take advantage of this important resource. (Here’s the link.) This month’s newsletter just came out and included with it is a survey under the heading, Help Plan The Future of Tablet PCs. The Mobile PC Partner Program offers developers (and also the community at large) a host of resources including a series of webcasts currently focusing on applications optimized for Mobile PCs. (See the upcoming schedule below.) They also spotlight mobile applications. This month’s featured application is Einstein Tech (that’s Josh Einstein in case you didn’t figure that out) developer of TEO 3.0 and OneNote Calendar.

For those who might have missed one of the recent webcasts (I know several folks were asking this about the iGuidance application) they have also posted links to the recorded versions. (Follow the links below.)

All in all, a good resource to keep you up on what’s happening in the Mobile arena.

Upcoming Webcasts:

PopCap’s Hammer Heads and Bookworm Adventures, May 7, 10:00AM PT
PopCap games are ultra-effective for on-the-go gamers of all ages. Ideally suited for small computers-such as the UMPC-PopCap Games are perfect to play for just a few minutes while on the go, for example, while waiting in line at the airport.

NewspaperDirect’s PressReader,  May 14, 10:00AM PT
Download and store your favorite newspaper titles from NewpaperDirect’s growing list of publishing partners. PressReader provides an authentic newspaper reading experience across all Microsoft platforms, including Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and Windows Mobile devices.

DyKnow Vision, May 21, 10:00AM PT
DyKnow Vision is a classroom presentation application that fosters interaction through collaborative note taking, student response tools, content replay, and anywhere, anytime access. For example, teachers can instantly transmit content to student screens for annotation.

Recent Webcasts:

SmartDraw, a Business Graphics Application – Recorded With SmartDraw you can create professional-quality graphics with a Tablet PC running Windows Vista Premium Edition. Get an in-depth look at how SmartDraw incorporates Tablet technology and mobile PC features into its application.

Phatware’s PenCommander – Recorded PenCommander allows you to use a pen to call up commands that can control your computer, such as editing documents, inserting often repeated text into documents, launching applications, and much more. PenCommander supports Windows Vista Tablet technology.

Laplink’s PCsynch – Recorded Looking for a fast, secure way to access and synchronize files between your Ultra-Mobile PC and another PC? Laplink’s PCsync enables automated file transfer and synchronization between PCs running different versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 2000.

ArtRage 2 UMPC, a Natural Painting Application – Recorded Ambient Design’s ArtRage 2 UMPC is specifically designed for Ultra-Mobile PCs. Its redesigned interface and workflow is perfect for small form-factor, portable PCs. You can paint and sketch using your whole screen as a canvas, and take your art with you wherever you go.

iGuidance, a Navigation Application – Recorded iNav’s iGuidance navigation software helps you turn your existing Tablet PC or Ultra-Mobile PC into a navigation system. Operations and maps are enhanced for use with touch displays.

UPDATE: There were some problems with the links to the recorded webcasts. Follow this link to acces them.

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