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Mobile PC SmartDraw Webcast



SmartdrawDon’t forget the Mobile PC SmartDraw webcast on Monday, April 2:

The Mobile PC team at Microsoft is beginning a series of webcasts geared toward teaching people how to use applications optimized for the Mobile PC / Tablet PC / UMPC.

The first webcast will be on SmartDraw, a software application that Dennis also featured in this InkShow. Check out the details below and be sure to visit their upcoming schedule page:

This new public webcast series provides an in-depth look at applications built for Windows Vista mobility. Special features include: data synchronization, power management, ink annotation, ink recognition, network awareness, data access, enhanced UI for touch, and Windows SideShow gadgets. Each Monday a new application will be presented. Please tune in – webcast schedule.
Join the first live webcast on Monday, April 2. To join the webcast, merely click the link provided. 
WEBCAST: Learn to use SmartDraw, a business graphics application, Monday, April 2, 10:00AM PT

With SmartDraw you can create professional-quality graphics with a Tablet PC running Windows Vista Premium Edition. Get an in-depth look at how SmartDraw incorporates Tablet technology and mobile PC features into its application.

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