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Mobile-Review Sheds Light On Crossbow



CrossbowMany GBM readers are also avid users of Pocket PCs, smartphones, and other converged devices, so this should be of interest. Mobile-Review checks out the next version of the Windows Mobile OS, code-named Crossbow. From the review, it looks like there are indeed improvements and new features, although the review states several times that this isn’t the complete make-over that Windows Mobile 5.0 was, and that we’ll have to wait for the next version, code-name Photon. (There is still a dividing line between smartphones and and Pocket PCs.)

For Pocket PC folks, here’s what the review lists as the major changes:

  • Revamped outlook, refined icons;
  • Totally re-mastered sound theme;
  • Increased interface speed;
  • Bundled IP-telephony (VoIP, SIP standard);
  • Smart Dial 2.0, fast search through contacts, call history; removable on-screen virtual keyboard;
  • Any tune can be assigned to any event;
  • Support for shortcuts in Outlook Mobile;
  • Full-fledged meetings arrangement system;
  • Support for HTML in messages;
  • Smart Filter – handy and fast search through messages;
  • Numerous MS Exchange 2007-tailored changes;
  • Integration with Windows Live online-services;
  • Marketplace – purchase, download, and install  directly from the device;
  • Encryption – bundled memory card encryption

Check out the full review here.

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