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Mobile Tech as an Escape



tabletpcoverlayWith fall approaching and this summer ending, this has been a particularly challenging time for me in my real life job as the director of Wayside Theatre. The economic woes that hit us all have made the challenging job of running a small not-for-profit theatre even more challenging. There were several periods where we had to seriously consider closing the doors on this 48 year old institution, but some how, some way we’ve managed to keep moving forward.

During all of this, my life has been extremely hectic and stressful. It isn’t easy soldiering on with projects when you know the end could be any day. Relieving that stress is a difficult thing to do.

One of the “stress relief” tools I’ve adopted has to do with some of my mobile tech adventures. Finding a brief time, whether over lunch, or just pulling away from it all and listening to some tunes or podcasts, or watching some video using either an iPhone or a Tablet PC as been a real life saver. Believe it or not, scrolling through feeds and looking for exciting news provides the same relief. Even entering into the wacky world that is Twitter offers some relief.

Being able to drive away from the office and sit in the car overlooking the mountains or head to a coffee shop to read through feeds has become too much of a habit. So much so, that I have started working to make that time be a part of my routine.

I used to constantly bemoan the fact that many of the innovations we were seeing in mobile tech were geared so much towards consuming content, but throughout this past summer, that has become a lifesaver for me. As we head into a hectic fall here at the theatre, the times that I can get away will become fewer and farther between, but it is nice to know that if I just need to take a stroll around the block and take my mind off the stresses of the day, I can do so.



  1. Paul Harrigan

    09/11/2009 at 11:57 am

    Congrats on making it this far, Warner.

    Hopefully, the economy will start to rise now and people will feel a little more free to go see some theatre.


  2. Gary Harrison

    09/11/2009 at 3:10 pm

    Boy, as someone who runs a small non-profit in Wisconsin, all I can say is, “Right on!”


  3. Gavin Miller

    09/11/2009 at 5:41 pm

    Break a leg Warner! I know what you mean, small breaks away from the task can certainly help to destress.

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