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MobileDemand Talks Tablets: What’s Out There & Total Cost of Ownership



Tablets are a big part of business, and while many businesses are looking first at the iPad and cheap Android tablets, there are many factors to consider when adding tablets to your mobile team’s array fo tools.

For businesses that work in the field, a rugged tablet is often the best fit as it can handle drops, water, dust and more without flinching. Many of these rugged tablets come with specialized ports, scanning capabilities, the ability to use them with gloves on and  more – without the need to look for third-party cases and accessories.

Businesses that are thinking of implementing tablets will likely have a lot of questions about deploying tablets in the workplace, and an upcoming MobileDemand webinar will help address many of these questions.

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On June 12th at 2 PM Eastern, MobileDemand is hosting a free Webinar called, “T” Up Your Business for the Long Drive: Choosing the Right Tablet to Win. MobileDemand executives will talk about;

  • Technology — What fits best with where your business is headed and addresses the challenges you face every day.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) — Is consumer, rugged or fully rugged right for your business/users? How to truly quantify what’s right for you.
  • Testimony — Hear from a customer who tried consumer-grade devices and quickly changed to fully rugged to keep their business running.

The discussion will include David Krebs of VDC Research who will share a study about the Total Cost of Ownership of tablets from consumer versions to rugged devises. It also includes a customer testimonial from a company that switched from consumer tablets, possibly an iPad, to a rugged tablet.

Check out Gotta Be Mobile’s review of the MobileDemand xTablet T7200, to see what rugged, work-ready tablets are able to do, and the abuses they can take.

For some fun, check out how the Red Bull NASCAR team uses rugged tablets from MobileDemand to keep the wheels spinning and checkered flags waving.

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