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MobileDemand xTablet Screens Compared



A lot of readers like to know how different screen technologies work indoors and out.

In this video from MobileDemand, they compare their xView screen to their standard display.


Here are the show notes from MobileDemand’s video:

This video demonstrates the difference in direct sunlight and indoors between the standard xTablet Tablet PC display and the new xView sunlight readable display.  We show you various angles during a sunny day in direct sunlight. 

Note that the displays are nearly equivelent indoors, while the sunlight readable display is far superior in direct sunlight.

We intend to also demonstrate the difference and viewability of each display while inside of a vehicle, such as a beer truck.  MobileDemand has sold thousands of tablets that are used in beer trucks and other vehicles with our standard display and have had great success.  That extra little bit of shade inside the vehicle makes all the difference so the standard display is easily viewable. 

The MobileDemand xTablet is your rugged computing solution for the wireless world. What sets the xTablet apart? Three words: POWER, CAPABILITY and RUGGEDNESS. With the industry’s highest processor performance, this resilient tablet PC can be used anywhere from the shop floor, to the delivery truck to the checkout line. And our military-tested ruggedness will meet your business’ performance standards. Features include:

Integrated numeric keypad

Bar-code scanner

Credit card reader

Sunlight readable display

Vehicle mounts and accessories are also available to complete your system

The xTablet is a versatile, flexible and powerful performer that is designed with your needs in mind.

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